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Grace-Driven, Spirit-Empowered, Faith-Fueled Work

January 7, 2013 by Larry Lazarus 0 comments

Posted in: Christian Living

In my sermon yesterday (at least, during the second service...I was short on time and had to pass over this in the first service) I alluded to a statement by pastor and author Kevin DeYoung, that while the apostle Paul does call his readers to work and make effort in the Christian life (Philippians 2:12, for example), it is not the sort of work that looks like us just pulling up our bootsraps and trying harder.  Yes, we must work, Paul says.  But it is grace-driven, Spirit-empowered, faith-fueled work.  There's a big difference!

For those who have time and desire to explore these things in some more depth, I would recommend this message from DeYoung:

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