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The American Christian - Part 1

August 22, 2017 by Jason Tyrell 0 comments

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I just came back from our family's annual vacation in Maine.  It is a time that my wife, my children, and I look forward to each year, and we are blessed to share it with many family members.  We enjoy the backdrop of beautiful mountains, gigantic lakes, cool weather, warm fires, boat rides, swimming, hiking, golfing, and eating lots of great food.  The company is wonderful, and the two weeks seems to fly by faster every year.

As we vacationed this year, a thought I have had at times before once again crossed my mind.  Is it ok that I enjoy this so much?  All things considered, not just at vacation time, I am very blessed in my life.  I enjoy my life.  It may sound crazy to some who read this that I even pose this question - but is it ok that I enjoy my life this much? 

It is the type of question that can sound absurd, but one that is very much worth pondering as a sober-minded believer in Christ.  I do not want to simply give myself answers that make me feel good, but I want to arm myself with Biblical answers.  Living in a way that seeks to glorify God and keeps in step with the gospel of Jesus Christ is our ultimate aim as Christians, so we must be willing at every turn to ask ourselves questions like "Do I love my life too much?"  

In a prosperous society like ours, there are quite a few struggles that we must contend with as believers.  While these struggles are not unique to Americans, we as Americans do face a different set of challenges than believers in many other areas of the world.  So I plan to take the next 10 weeks here on the blog to ask and (hopefully) Biblically answer some questions that we American Christians must wrestle with to maintain faithfulness to our calling in this world.  Some of the questions I plan to address:

  • Is it ok to love my life?
  • Isn't our success a sign of God's blessing?
  • Don't I have liberty as a Christian to live how I want?
  • Isn't it important to let my unbelieving friends know I am just like them?
  • Isn't my faith personal and private?
  • Can't I have comfort now and heaven later?
  • What qualifies as suffering?
  • Is America a Christian nation?
  • Why do so many preachers seem like they are saying something different?

I hope you will join me on the blogging journey, and would love to hear any of your thoughts on what I share!



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